How does it work?

Liquid Pedicure is a foot powder that, when dissolved in a pail of warm water, forms an amazing 15 minute footbath solution.

It works by soothingly loosening and exfoliating dead callused skin. This process destroys odorous bacteria, uncovers healthy skin and allows your feet to breathe. Within minutes of your very first footbath, your feet will start to show a noticeable improvement. Your feet will look better, feel better, stop smelling and stop itching!

How do you use it?

Pour and dissolve 1 ounce of the Liquid Pedicure powder  (1 bottle) into a pail of 2 quarts warm water.

Soak feet for 15 minutes while gently rubbing one foot over the other.  After your footbath, rinse off your feet.  Dead skin will begin to exfoliate within 3 to 7 days of your first footbath.  Do not forcibly remove dead skin.

Allow dead skin to exfoliate naturally.  Continue to use once every 7 days until the desired results are achieved. Then, use as often as once a week, or even once every other week, to keep your feet in great shape.


“The relief is that someone got it right, Liquid Pedicure got it right!”


“Not everything gives you all the results you want, but this absolutely did!”


“No more $30 pedicure visits, I’ll do it myself!”

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I was impressed

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My husband struggled with terrible foot itch since college. They would itch so bad, that he would sometimes scratch them raw. Nothing has given him the relief like Liquid Pedicure. It stopped the itch!

Struggled all my life

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Thank -you, thank-you thank-you! My son's foot odor is finally gone!

I Love It

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It's done wonders for my tired feet. I love it.