The Real Reason Your Feet Stink and Itch...And It's Not Why You Think.
Eliminates Foot Odor and Itch within minutes.
The Real Reason Your Feet Stink and Itch... And It's Not Why You Think.
Eliminates Foot Odor and Itch within minutes.
See what others are saying about Liquid Pedicure.
See what others are saying about Liquid Pedicure.
"We tried everything to keep the foot odor down."
What is Liquid Pedicure?
Liquid Pedicure is a concentrated antifungal, antibacterial, exfoliating powder. 

One small bottle dissolved in a pail of warm water forms a powerful, but soothing, 15 minute footbath solution that instantly starts to soak away the toughest foot odor and itch.
I've tried everything. Why do my feet continue to smell? 
The simple answer is you're not killing enough bacteria.

Mild foot odor is caused by bacteria that live on the surface of your feet.

They survive by eating dead, sweaty skin. After they've eaten, they expel a rotten-egg smelling gas.

This gas is what you, and others, are smelling when you take off your shoes.

Mild foot odor is common. Fortunately, these bacteria live on the skin's surface, and are easy to kill. Just about any foot odor product can handle that.

Extreme foot odor is different. These same bacteria may have penetrated into the skin's lower layers, including inside and underneath soft, calloused, sweaty skin.

These bacteria are now entrenched. In fact, over time, even more dead skin may form over them. These bacteria aren't going anywhere without a fight.

To get rid of extreme foot odor, you have to destroy all of the odorous bacteria, or as much as humanly possible.

Leaving bacteria behind allows it to reproduce, gain in strength, and reinfect your feet. It's what's commonly called a flare-up.
How can Liquid Pedicure help?
Liquid Pedicure Footbath Treatment kills odorous bacteria on contact; on the surface and underneath.
The secret lies in its ability to gradually and soothingly soak and float away dead, calloused, contaminated skin. This process uncovers, exposes, and destroys hidden bacteria where they live.

And because its a liquid, and your feet are totally submerged, the medication gets to every nook and cranny of your feet. There's simply no place for the odorous bacteria to hide.

Liquid Pedicure penetrates and treats areas that have gone untreated and untouched by other products, perhaps for years.

Each weekly treatment exposes and destroys hidden bacteria, eliminates odor, and prevents flare-ups.
Does Liquid Pedicure work on my foot itch?
Yes! Foot itch and odor are caused by bacteria and fungi that hide inside and underneath dead skin. Liquid Pedicure works by soaking away dead, calloused skin, exposing and destroying bacteria and fungi where they live. Liquid Pedicure stops even the toughest foot itch in seconds.
How many bottles (treatments) do I need?
Each bottle of Liquid Pedicure contains enough concentrated powder to make one soothing 15 minute footbath treatment. With your very first treatment, you will see dramatic improvement.

If your feet smell they'll stop smelling in minutes! If your feet itch, they'll stop itching in seconds!

This is starting to sound too good to be true. After all, this may be the first time you've ever heard of Liquid Pedicure. Don't let the name fool you, when it comes to eliminating foot odor and itch, this product means business.

It really does work, and you’ll be shocked at how fast.

Most people find that 2 or 3 bottles over a two to three week period is usually enough to get even the toughest odor and itch under control.

Then, just one weekly footbath treatment is all you'll need to keep them clean, fresh and odor free.

Try it risk free for three weeks. If you don't think it's the best, most effective product you have ever used, send the empty bottles back for a full and prompt refund. No questions asked.
Get a Free foldable travel pail when you order 4 bottles.
Get a Free foldable travel pail when you order 4 bottles.

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