(One Treatment)
(One Treatment)
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Only 49 left in stock
Hurry, while supplies last!
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What is Liquid Pedicure?
Liquid Pedicure is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, medicated, exfoliating powder. One bottle dissolved in a pail of warm water forms an amazing 15 minute footbath treatment that will instantly begin to:
Stop Foot Itch
Eliminate Foot Odor
Soak Away Corns
Rejuvenate Tired, Aching Feet
Repair Cracked Heels
  • Eliminate Foot Odor
  • Stop Foot Itch
  • Soak Away Corns
  • Repair Cracked Heels
  • Rejuvenate Tired, Aching Feet
I've tried everything. Why haven't other products worked for me?
In mild cases of odor and itch, odor-causing bacteria and skin irritating fungi live primarily on the skins outer surface. Most sprinkle-on powders, sprays and creams can be effective in treating these outer areas.

However, in extreme cases, bacteria and fungi can dig in and live inside and underneath dead, calloused skin, including tiny cracks and crevices. Once this happens, these same powders, sprays and creams become less effective. Their medication just can’t penetrate these areas. They simply leave behind too many fungi and bacteria to multiply and re-infect your feet. This is called a flare-up. 
How can Liquid Pedicure help?
Liquid Pedicure Footbath Treatments destroy bacteria and fungi on contact. The secret lies in its ability to soak and float away dead, calloused kin. This process uncovers, exposes, and destroys hidden fungi and bacteria on the surface and underneath. These are areas that may have gone untreated for years.

Each weekly Liquid Pedicure Footbath Treatment destroys more and more bacteria and fungi, reducing the chance of re-infection and flare-ups.
How many bottles (treatments) do I need?
Each bottle of Liquid Pedicure contains enough powder to make one 15 minute footbath treatment. One bottle will likely not solve a lifetime of foot trouble. To be fair, you’ll probably need several weekly treatments to get the full results you want. But, we can promise you this. You'll see a noticeable improvement with your very first treatment. If your feet smell, they'll stop smelling in minutes. If your feet itch, they'll stop itching in seconds. It really does work, and you’ll be shocked at how fast.

Why not give it a try? Your guaranteed to love it, or your money back! 
"We tried everything to keep the foot odor down. Nothing has helped like Liquid Pedicure."
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